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Published February 5th, 2024, 10:07 pm

The hire of Leslie Frazier is great, but the Seahawks MUST nail their OC hire // Four Down Territory: 1st Down: The NFL combine is coming up soon so let's talk college football… Who stood out to you during the week of Senior Bowl practices and games. 2nd Down: How does the presence of Lesie Frazier help the Seahawks?3rd Down: Who’s an NFL couple that needs more attention?4th Down: Ben Johnson was rumored to have some strong thoughts on the Commander's ownership. What were those thoughts and what was your reaction? // The Timeline: -Count Dan Patrick among those advocating for a Super Bowl Saturday over a Super Bowl Sunday-On a recent episode of Pardon My Take, ESPN’s Booger McFarland shared that he refuses to learn anyone’s birthday outside of family-Lumen Field will officially host six 2026 World Cup matches including a team USA group stage match-Eli Manning and Youtuber Supa Hot Fire dueled in a rap battle during this weekend’s Pro Bowl Games // In honor of Brennan Carroll, Jay Harbaugh, and Steve Belichick now coaching in Seattle: a conversation about nepo babies who were better than their parents

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Hour 2: How much Depends on the Hiring of the New Seahawks OC