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Published November 2nd, 2023, 09:41 pm

The Seahawks opened their Championship window with this one major change // Four Down Territory:1st Down: What may help the Seahawks defense against Baltimore? 2nd Down: What stat did you find that reminded you how lucky the Seahawks have been with QB health? 3rd Down: Who absolutely cannot have a breakout game against the Hawks? 4th Down: Who do you anticipate having the hardest assignment this weekend in Baltimore? // The Timeline: -Former Indiana head basketball coach Bobby Knight passed away Wednesday at age 83 -The Athletic’s Evan Drellich reports the Padres took out a loan for about $50M in September to address short-term cash flow issues and meet their financial obligations, including player payroll -Rangers reliever Will Smith became the first player ever to win three consecutive World Series with three different teams (‘21 with Atlanta, ‘22 with Houston, & ‘23 with Texas) // WIN2K 

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Hour 2: Seahawks Championship Window Post Trade Deadline & Remembering Bobby Knight