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Published October 13th, 2022, 07:20 pm

In this very special episode of Crimson Corner, host Michelle Bodkin talks with former Utah running back coach and current USC running back coach Kiel McDonald about Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe. Coach McDonald will be making his return to Salt Lake City this weekend with USC football as Utah puts on a celebration of Jordan and Lowe's lives with custom hand painted helmets. 

McDonald talks about what Ty and Aaron were like, his experience navigating unimaginable tragedy as a coach and what he thinks it will be like being back to celebrate those two players even if he's on the opposite sideline. Coach McDonald also discusses what he's learned as a coach from the experience as well as his hopes for what Ty and Aaron's legacies will be years down the road. 

You can follow Michelle Bodkin on Twitter at @BodkinKSLsports and coach Kiel McDonald at @Coach_KMcDonald.  

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Remembering Ty Jordan And Aaron Lowe With USC Running Back Coach Kiel McDonald