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Published November 11th, 2023, 06:01 pm

Welcome to The KSL Greenhouse Show! Join hosts Maria Shilaos and Taun Beddes as they talk all things plants, tackle your toughest gardening questions, and offer tips that can help you maintain a beautiful yard. Listen every Saturday from 8am to 11am at 102.7 FM, 1160 AM, kslnewsradio.com, or on the KSL Newsradio App. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @kslgreenhouse. Happy planting! #KSLGreenhouse 


  • Feature: Cytospora or perennial canker


  • TopicsJapanese maple, Dahlia bulbs, Trees, Chokecherry trees 

  • QuestionsWhat can be done about cankers on a Japanese maple, Do you dig up Dahlia bulbs now, Should hand drying of trees and shrubs be done now, Can a Chokecherry tree be revived


  • Topics Early die potatoes, Goji plants, Lawn mowing, Roses, Dethatching

  • QuestionsIs there something that can be sprayed on early die potatoes, What to check for when watering trees, When do you prune a Goji plant, Should the lawn be mowed after fertilizing, Should you cut back roses in the Fall, Does dethatching need to be done now, Is it too late to fertilize in Hyrum


  • TopicsThings to do that will make a difference in the Spring

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Cytospora Canker