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Published April 24th, 2024, 05:00 am

What happens when the honeymoon is over and your spouse doesn't meet your expectations?

 When the honeymoon ends, reality can be a bit of a bummer if we've not clearly communicated our expectations - or expected from our spouse what only God can do for us. Find out how you can be realistic in your marriage, but also thrive in your relationship!

Setting Realistic Expectations: How to set fair and realistic expectations for your spouse and why it’s crucial for a healthy relationship.

 Communication Is Key: Tips on how to communicate effectively with your spouse about your needs and expectations without conflict.

God’s Role in Your Marriage: Exploring how to differentiate between what we should expect from our spouse and what we should seek from God.

Thriving Together: Practical advice on strengthening your marriage and thriving together even when things don’t go as planned.

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Expectation vs. Reality in Marriage